Ever thought about laser hair removal? If you have, you were probably thinking about it in spring or the beginning of summer. During these seasons, you’ll be showing off your legs and body to soak in all the sun. As we approach winter, a time of covering up and missing the sun, those thoughts may not be there anymore. However, the time is now to receive winter hair removal treatments. Here’s why…

Reasons to Consider Winter Hair Removal Treatments

Staying out of the sun

While all skin types can benefit from laser hair reduction, the more fair complexions is easier to treat. The treatment will be more effective at detecting the hairs. In the winter, people aren’t out in the sun for prolonged periods.And when they are in the sun, they’re usually covered up to stay warm.

You can’t receive laser hair treatments if you’re sunburned. So, winter is an ideal time to begin treatments. After each session, avoid going out in the sun’ exposure can damage the process, and you may not get the results you want.

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Be ready for the summer 

Laser hair removal does not normally happen in one session. Depending on your situation, you may require multiple sessions to achieve the look you want. We schedule each session in four to six week increments. Beginning the process of removing hair in the winter will allow you enough time to achieve the desired look for summer.

Winter Hair Removal with Las Vegas Med Spa

If you want to be completely hairless for the Spring and Summer, get started this winter. Las Vegas Med Spa will get you the look you’ve always wanted, so be sure to schedule an appointment today!