Within your hair, there are the same cells and organic compounds that make up who you are. So even though it doesn’t seem like it’s a living thing (in fact, you may have heard that hair is actually just dead cells coming together), you still need to treat your hair like it’s part of you. Sure, we know to clean it and cut it, but what if some aspects of your day to day life could be causing hair damage that your don’t realize? Let’s take a look at some of the things that damage your hair.

Everyday Activities That Could Cause Hair Damage


Yes, eating poorly can cause hair damage. We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, that makes sense especially for hair, considering our hair contains large amounts of the vitamins and minerals we’ve consumed recently.

Your hair is basically a timeline, much like the lines inside a tree stump or a fault line. While your hair grows, it represents the diet and health of your body of that time. Sometimes hair comes in healthy, sometimes not so much. Thus, each strand of hair is a story (or a report card) for your healthy progress.


This is another one you may have heard of. Recent studies show that people wash their hair too much. As it turns out, we should only be washing our hair every three to four days. The human body is actually pretty dead set on when it wants to bathe. The oils in your skin, for example, can deplete if you bathe too often. Showering about twice a week is about where you want to be for the overall health of your skin and hair. And be careful not to use overpowering soaps and shampoos. Treat your hair and skin like delicate fibers.

Forcing knots out

This is a bit of an interesting one. We all eventually get knots in our hair. This is seemingly inevitable. You can do many things to prevent and get rid of knots, but forcing them out with a comb is not one of them. That can actually pull hair out forcefully and damage the scalp and follicle. Instead, you should use a paddle brush—softer bristles and flexibility are good for the hair and scalp. It isn’t the best way to remove unwanted hair.

Drying hair with a towel

Whoa! Crazy, right? As it turns out, most towels are pretty rough—a little too rough for your hair. Drying your hair off immediately after showering can particularly harm hair that is naturally drier than others (curly and wavy hair). Drying with a towel can cause a lot of unnecessary friction and agitation, which damages the hair. Things like microfiber towels are better for your hair and won’t dry it out too much or damage it.

Getting too much sun

Your hair is similar to your skin. Always think of your hair as a part of you. With that said, spending too much time in the sun can actually damage and burn your hair like it could anywhere else on your body. Who’s surprised? The sun is often unforgiving. When you’re outside, wear a hat and sunscreen. That isn’t just a recommendation, it should be a common sense necessity.

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