There are many ways that SmartLipo the other forms of fat removal, or is it just a different name for the same product? Let’s go over some of the ways SmartLipo benefits you, compared to the competition.

How SmartLipo Benefits You

SmartLipo is a laser-functioning minimally invasive procedure that involves local anesthesia. The process is virtually painless, and when compared to other fat-reducing technologies, it is incredibly effective.

The SmartLipo procedure is designed to literally melt fat away. A laser fiber fitted into a small tube is inserted into the skin. The tube allows the laser to be moved from side to side, rupturing fat cells that are then removed from the body. You can see all of the smart lipo reviews here.

At the same time, the laser causes the collagen to shrink and blood vessels to coagulate immediately, many times resulting in less swelling, bruising, and bleeding, with improvements in the body contours noted within a very short time following the procedure. The small size of the tube (1.0 – 2.0mm) and minimally invasive procedure, promotes recovery times as short as only a few days, depending on how many areas are treated and the amount of correction that is needed.

Fat-reducing technologies range from freezing, burning, and vacuuming the fat out. Since some of those sound a bit archaic, SmartLipo benefits us further by using a minimally invasive laser to melt the fat and naturally dispose of it. Let’s take a look at SmartLipo vs. other options.

SmartLipo vs. Zerona

Zerona is a cold laser technology without any side effects. Unfortunately, what it lacks in side-effect, it also lacks in fat reduction, because it’s dead last in effectiveness. However, it is a completely non-invasive, non-surgical procedure and it’s completely painless. There is no immediate reduction, nor is the fat removal permanent.

SmartLipo vs. Thermage

Thermage is a technology that uses different adjustable temperatures to utilize your natural processes of reducing fat. It also uses gentle vibrations and radio-frequency energy. Just like Zerona, this has limited benefits, aside from the fact that there’s immediate reduction if only slight.

SmartLipo vs. i-Lipo

i-Lipo is tied for second to last, as it has almost the same effect as Thermage. The only difference here is that i-Lipo uses a laser, much like SmartLipo. i-Lipo uses low energy lasers to create “chemical signals” in fat cells.

How Do These Compare to SmartLipo?

The benefits of SmartLipo become clear when you compare it to the other brands of fat reduction services. For starters, SmartLipo is the only service that involves skin tightening. This is a vital part of the process when you consider that extra sagging skin can be a nuisance and an extra few bucks to get rid of. Not only is it immediate and permanent, it’s also one of the safest options out there for fat reduction.

The Benefits SmartLipo Has over Liposuction

Skin tightening after fat loss

Traditional liposuction tends to leave extra skin sagging after you’ve had your procedure. The benefits SmartLipo patients have over regular liposuction patients is that the laser lipo treatment can actually tighten the skin around the fat. This way, there’s no sagging or dimpling in the skin and no need to pay for any extra surgery to fix your extra skin issue.

smart lipo

Shorter recovery period

Regular liposuction is a surgical procedure involving a cannula that vacuums the fat out of your body. SmartLipo isn’t a surgery at all. After the laser melts the fat away, it basically disappears from your body. Recovery only lasts about two days, as opposed to liposuction’s two weeks.

It’s virtually painless

One huge difference between SmartLipo and liposuction is the pain level. Liposuction requires general anesthesia because of its discomfort. However, SmartLipo is minimally invasive and only requires local anesthesia because it’s virtually painless.

It’s the safest option

Many people ask, “Is liposuction dangerous?” While it’s far from the most dangerous procedure you can get, you still run the risks of infection and bruising after surgery. This benefits SmartLipo patients who will receive little to no bruising at all, not to mention no risk for infection.

SmartLipo at the Las Vegas Med Spa

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas lipo clinic, consider Med Spa. We’ve considered all the SmartLipo benefits while choosing to use it at our location. Learn more about SmartLipo.