Forever Young: Here’s How to Minimize Wrinkles

Wrinkles. We all get them; they are just a fact of life. We do have the ability to minimize their appearance, however. At Las Vegas Med Spa, we help you treat those problem areas. Let’s go over some of the wrinkle treatments and the best ways to minimize their appearances. But first, let’s discuss what […]

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What Are Dermal Fillers?

There are all kinds of injectables that work to improve the quality of your skin and the health of your face. These classify as facial rejuvenation treatments, and you’d be amazed by all the things they can do. One of those injectables is dermal fillers, made from all natural substances.
Dermal Fillers Are…
Dermal fillers […]

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The Truth About Excess Hair in Women

Do you ever feel embarrassed about unwanted hair in unwanted places? While this is a common affliction for men, excess hair in women sometimes has more of a negative stigma. Because of this, excessive hair growth in women can often result in low self esteem. Doctors refer to this condition as hirsutism.

All women have […]

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Look Younger As Quick As You Get Older

Age: It sneaks up on all of us. One minute we’re enjoying our youth, and the next, we stop recognizing who we are. There’s not one person immune to the harsh effects of aging. Luckily, we live in a time of great medical and cosmetic advancement, a time when we can look younger and feel […]

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Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Ever thought about laser hair removal? If you have, you were probably thinking about it in spring or the beginning of summer. During these seasons, you’ll be showing off your legs and body to soak in all the sun. As we approach winter, a time of covering up and missing the sun, those thoughts may […]

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What are Those Splotches on Your Face?

Many of us have at least some blemishes or splotches on our face. They can range from small to medium in size and, or light to dark in color. These collection of pigments known as melanin can get worse as we age and many times these spots are unwanted and can causes many self-conscious issues […]

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Stay Hairless for 2018: Laser Hair Reduction

Your New Year’s resolution is a great excuse to make an important promise to yourself. That promise is to stay hairless in 2018! As you already know, removing unwanted hair can come in many different forms, but what is the best way to say “goodbye” for good? How about laser hair removal? Here’s how you […]

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

No one really enjoys shaving. It’s a tedious and sometimes uncomfortable task. It takes time to shave our legs, arms, underarms, and bikini lines. Often, our skin doesn’t come out as silky smooth as we’d like. We have to deal with painful or itchy razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or missed spots of stubble. Yeah, shaving […]

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How Do You Keep up with Your Laser Hair Removal?

So, you’re tired of plucking, shaving, and waxing all those obnoxious and unsightly hairs and you’ve decided to try something new. Good for you. After doing things the old way your whole life, you switch to the new and awesome way of doing things: laser hair removal.

While you’re getting the procedure done, your doctor will […]

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The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Shaving, tweezing, waxing—these are all different hair removal techniques. So if they work, what’s wrong with them? If removing unwanted hair is something you want, should you try the conventional ways or try laser hair reduction? When you weigh the laser hair removal benefits with what the others provide, the right solution is obvious.
The Laser […]

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